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Ovenden Allworks, as a local government authority approved contractor were able to successfully tender for the flood defence works on the Canterbury Causeway.

The existing wall has fallen into disrepair and required careful dismantling, making sure debris was not being deposited in the water course.

Once the original wall was completely removed, the next challenge was to construct a cofferdam to allow us to work down to below the water level and construct the new reinforced concrete foundations.

This cofferdam was then used as access along the front of the wall to begin the construction of the new wall, which composed of a double skinned brick wall with a reinforced concrete infill for  extra structural integrity. Scaffolding was then required for access as the wall was being completed.


Client: Canterbury City Council

Reinforced wall, Canterbury Causeway
Canterbury Causeway, Scaffolding in water
Canterbury Causeway demolition
Canterbury Causeway Completed