Client: Canterbury City Council

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Ovenden Allworks completed the fender replacement works at Whistable Harbour.

The 42 fenders, used to protect vessels mooring within the harbour against damage from the harbour walls required replacing due to their poor condition.

The works consisted of the removal of existing timber fenders and replacing with new 300mm x 300mm greenheart hardwood fenders, weighing approximately half a tonne each. These were then faced with a recycled plastic  low friction sliding fender to increase the life span of the new fenders.

Whitstable harbour is a working port, mainly used for commercial fishing and industrial operations, plus it is open to public at all times. Therefore close co-operation with the Harbour Board was required to ensure the work was carried out safely.

The works were undertaken in a tidal marine environment, the challenge this presents include short working windows, shift works and the various health and safety risks that must be mitigated.

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