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Client: Viridor

Geomembrane Capping landfill
Pipe Works, Landfill Squbbs Wood
Squabbs Wood Landfill site

Ovenden Allworks completed earthworks and other various landfill works.

Capping works. Placement of 1mm double textured LLDPE permanent capping (10,000m2) together with haulage and placement of a 300mm thick protection layer, and the placement of 1mm double textured LLDPE temporary slope capping (9,000m2) with a ballast system.

Geomembrane works. The capping membrane was laid on a lower protection layer. Sand for the upper protection layer and other uses was excavated, hauled and placed from the borrow area.

Pipe works. The landfill gas (LFG) pipe works consisted of connections of existing wells to the site’s ring main via new manifolds and 90mm surface laid pipe. Diversions to and relaying of some existing LFG infrastructure was also required.