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Solar Farm, Cables in Trench, Ovenden Allworks, Case study
Sand Hopper, Ovenden Allworks, Case study

See the map showing all of the solar farm projects we have completed the trenching and groundworks for.

These projects range from large solar farms, up to 70 MW of power to supply power to entire towns, down to 0.5 MW to provide power for local pumping stations.


Solar Farm construction Ground works Ovenden Allworks, Case study
Solar Farm remediation tidy,Ovenden Allworks, Case study


Ovenden Allworks has invlauable expertise in the renewable energy sector. We have been involved in numerous projects constructing solar farms throughout the UK.

Our role undertaking the ground works package involves working closely with the other contracotrs on site namely, electrical and piling to closely coordinate the works to ensure the project is delivered to the tight time frames.

These works include the access roads onto site, surface water drainage, all trenching and ducting for the electrical cable installation. Also the reinforced concrete foundations for the inverters, RMU and communications equipment, and CCTV.

Once work is complete Ovendens expertise is used for the soils restoration, landscaping and temporary road removal using our specialist in house equipment.

​See below case studies for a more detailed look at a couple of projects.


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