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Concrete Wall Fastform
Leachate Treatment Concrete Bund
Shelford Fencing and caustic containment area


Client: Viridor

Ovenden Allworks completed the concrete retaining structure around the leachate treatment plant at the Viridor managed Shelford Landfill.

These works were required by the environment agency to ensure the leachate being processed could not cause any damage to the local environment in case of a rupture in the tanks, therefore it had to be completely impermeable.

They are constructed of a 140m3 reinforced concrete wall, which was erected in two pours, using Fastform shuttering, to minimise the amount of construction joints that required sealing with water bar. Plus the base and other concrete pads for bases for the steps to allow access to the tanks.

The surfacing within the bund also had to be impermeable, Densiphalt was used, which is an open asphalt that is then filled with grout to create a hard-wearing surface that will contain any potential spills, and was laid to channel any surface water to a sealed manhole inside the bund.

Other works included a caustic soda delivery area, created with kerbs and concrete, to avoid and contain any dangerous spills and the fitting of the heavy duty flood gate and stop-logs, to allow access into the containment area plus the palisade fencing surrounding the plant.

Densiphalt, Leachate treatment plant
Shelford Treatment Plant Floodgate