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Concrete pump, Seasalter Boat ramp, Ovenden Allworks


Client: Seasalter Sailing Club

Placining Rocks with excavator, Ovenden Allworks

Ovenden Allworks Ltd were awarded the contract to construct a new access ramp over and existing sea defence wall to provide access onto the beach for Seasalter sailing club near Whitstable , Kent  to replace the existing ramp which was too narrow and steep.

The ramp was constructed on a core of granular material protected with 2 layers of geotextile and 2 layers of armour rock. The armour rock was sourced from limestone quarries in France, weighing between 1-3 tonnes each.

The armour rock was delivered to site using Ovendens’ own lorries and placed by an Ovenden Plant excavator fitted with a rock grapple.

A new reinforced concrete slab was placed seaward and landward of the seawall, the concrete was placed using a pump to gain access over the seawall and finished with a light tamp to provide grip for the sailors manoeuvring the boats.

Finished Ramp, Seasalter Beach, Ovenden Allworks
Concrete pump, Seasalter beach ramp, Ovenden Allworks